Some facts about me

Hello! I am Daniel Castilla; still not famous, but quite good at web design, UI, UX & frontend development. I graduated in Munich as an architect in 2008, however, I soon discovered my passion for web design and web technologies. Since then, I have been working on different projects and constantly refining my skills. I am still based in Munich, although I enjoy some warm winter weeks every year in my home town in the Canary Islands.

I’m a perfectionist, so I don’t deliver the final product to the client until I am really proud of it, and I am sure the client will be happy too. I enjoy working on new challenging projects, and that way I can improve my skills or acquire new ones. For every new project I always do some new research; the web is constantly changing, and with it the possibilities are also growing. Would you like to discover these possibilities with me? Get in touch.

Interested in working with me?

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